Get a Jump on Back to School Clothes for Girls with FabKids BOGO Sale

Almost time to really think about back to school shopping. I love shopping made simple & affordable!  Up to 50% off retail. With clothes your girls ages 2-12 years are sure to love! I also love simple ways to mix & match outfits getting more for your money with styles that are playful & your kids can play in. FabKids makes getting what you need so easy. Right now they are having a BOGO Free Sale!

I hate racing out to the nearest mall especially since I am hours away, but even when I lived closer I rather shop online & spare myself the drama of bringing kids tagging along for back to school shopping.

Fabkids Outfit colorfully

Now here is all the info you need to shop FabKids BOGO sale & grab your savings:

  •  BUY-ONE-GET-ONE FREE (discount will be applied automatically at checkout). Offer for New Members
  • This deal won’t last forever, it’s a steal. Love it – stay in the FabKids club to get playfully styled outfits, year-round. Don’t love it – cancel anytime for any reason with absolutely no strings attached. No penalties. No problem. Try FabKids today.
  • Each month FabKids will suggest an outfit. These playfully styled outfits are only $39.95. It’s easy to accept the recommended outfit with a single click either via e-mail or on the site. You may also shop the collection to choose your own outfit, or simply skip the month. There is never an obligation to buy – you may “skip” as often as you’d like.

If you are not totally delighted with the FabKids experience you may cancel your membership at any time. No problem. We’re here to make shopping for your daughter fun, easy and affordable. Period.

When is the last time you shopped stress free, made your girls happy & your pocket book happy?

FabKids BOGO

Honestly there has never been a better time to try out FabKids & get their BOGO Offer! & a perfect way to start your back to school shopping stress free!

Let the Fun Begin! Summer Crafting for Kids Online Classes

Are you running out of fun projects to do with the kids? Are they starting to say that summer phase you hate to hear? I am bored! Especially when it’s too hot inside & they have been playing computer games too long! I like to limit my child’s computer time, which sometimes can be hard to pull them away. I am happy to share some summer crafting classes online they can watch,  get inspired to get creative with their hands and get off the computer! (along with your help if needed) Then once their craft project is done let them go play & let the imagination soar from these online crafting classes!

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These great kids crafting classes are from Creativebug.

clothes pin dolls creative bug online class for kids

From fabric fishing games, to clothes pin dolls maybe even build a tee pee. Or let their imagination soar & help them make a doorway puppet theater. Add in some creative puppets & let the show stopping fun begin! All this & more can be had at Creativebug!

doorway puppet theater creative bug online class

That’s right they have a whole new line of creative online classes for kids crafting! From simple projects to more complicated ones for the older kids. Sew, crafts, create & have fun. I promise your kids won’t say they are bored when they start seeing what fun crafting & making is.
Creative Video Workshops on
With Creativebug’s class offering you can pick any class at their listed price or subscribe to a monthly plan ($16.99 per mo. & other plans)where you can view as many classes as you want by paying one price! It’s such a deal if you want more for your money. Not only can you sign up to do these classes with your kids then you can take some for yourself! Get a full library of arts and crafts video workshops delivered right to your screen.

What kind of creative fun have you had this summer? 


Easy Online Chore Chart Perfect for Parents Easy for Kids

How hard is it for you to get your kids to help around the house? with pets? or other things that need to get done. With school rolling around the corner there is no better time to set up a routine that the kids can really see results from. Help to motivate & get them ready for back to school! Let me share a free online chore chart & parents see how easy it is to use My Job Chart.

Simply Sweet Savings Disclosure

My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for organizing and motivating your kids to learn first hand how to Save, Share and Spend. The website is Kids Safe Certified & has over 180,000 likes so far. There are also fundraising opportunities for PTO & Non Profits. Don’t just take our word for it go check out My Job Chart for yourself!

Honestly, I think My Job Chart  this is just what I need to help me with follow through in our house.

How many times do you have to ask your kids to do the same chore over & over. I just asked mine to take care of the birds, yes that got done but the water wasn’t filled. Sometimes it’s the little things that need reminding. With a free online chore chart things just got a little easier!  Hop on over & check out My Job Chart for yourself!

What would you put on your child’s chore chart list? 

Dr. Suess Book Club 5 Books $5.95 + Free Activity Book & Free Shipping!

I remember when my oldest was given a subscription to the Dr. Suess book club. We loved it. There were memorable reading moments huddled together on the couch. Reading time & the love of reading continued. Although she & her brother outgrew the books they then were handed down to the next reader in line, yet they never tired of the books & often would read aloud to the other younger siblings. I can’t wait to be able to gift a set to some special kids in my family. I think you might enjoy this too whether you are a grand parent or a parent the gift of reading lasts a lifetime of skills & memories. The book club would make a special gift for any new parents start to build a reading nook right in their home.

Hope you enjoy this special offer & take advance of it prior to it’s ending!

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 Dr. Seuss – 5 Books For $5.95 + Free Activity Book

Description: No American writer has had as great an impact on children’s literature as Dr. Seuss. His imaginative characters, vivid illustrations, and catchy rhymes are instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up reading his stories. Create a personal library of children’s books by joining Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club.
Great Deal for only $5.95! Includes: – The Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Ten Apples On Top, Go Dog Go! & The Tooth Book – FREE Dr. Seuss™ & His Friends Activity Book – Free shipping

Why join Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club?

Receive 3 new books each month.
Create lasting memories with the same classic stories you loved as a child.
Wacky and wonderful characters will engage and entertain your child.

Conveniently control your membership online.
– Adjust your shipping interval
– View account history

Preview upcoming packages Risk free. Cancel anytime.
• No purchase commitment
• High quality, hard covered editions.
• Convenience of home delivery for less than $5 per book.
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Note: This offer is a monthly book club. Customers will automatically be charged and sent additional books each month. To manage your account, call 1-800-353-3140 or login to your account online:

Happy Reading! Join Dr. Suess Book Club

Crafting, Sewing, Diy Video Classes for Kids & Adults Starting at $9.99!

I haven’t talked about getting creative here & thought I would break the ice by sharing some great summer crafting, sewing , diy & kids crafts video classes being offered via CreativeBug. They have added some new classes to their line up! With a large selection of video / eclasses for kids and adults starting at $9.99. I can’t wait to tell you all about the video classes!

May Contain affliate links, sponsor links that may earn me a small commission

What is great about the classes is you have two options of how to take the classes: 1 sign up for an individual class from $9.99 to $14.99 or purchase a monthly subscription for $16.99 & take many classes. Now I don’t know about you but, I like getting creative. I also don’t like hearing my daughter say, “I am bored” in the summer! CreativeBug is the perfect solution for both of us. Offering crafting & diy video / eclasses to suit both of our interests!

Creative Video Workshops on

Classes range from clothespin dolls to Shrinky Dink Jewelry and so many more crafting classes for kids. For teens-adults classes have a wide range & you can search by category to easily find a class to suit your tastes from sewing, home decor, ceramics, book binding, knit or crochet!

Puppet Theater Creative Bug Class

I’d love to make this puppet doorway theater! & of course there is puppet making too!

Beeswax collage Creative Bug 2

I have taken a beeswax collage class before but, it was from art instruction in person & cost so much more than the $14.99 that it’s being offered at CreativeBug. I can’t tell you exactly how much savings some of these classes will give you. It varies. But, let me just say my class was very expensive for a two day in person class. If you were to take this vs in person you’d save well over a few hundred dollars!! & once you learn the techniques offered in this class you’ll have the skills to get so creative. What I love about Beeswax is it creates this really dreamy effect. I am sure you’d love it as, you really don’t need any preset skills like drawing or painting, not to mention the instructor gives you all the details on how to create your own!

What will you make today? Inspiring arts and crafts video workshops on