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What chores are the hardest to get your kids to do?

Back-To-School: Time Saving Tips & Products

Back to School means being ready early. For you the kids make the beauty routine easy! Today I am going to share a few tips. Trust me, mom to five one left in the nest. There were days that this wasn’t always easy but, with a few tips & tools you can make this less painful. Everyone to their posts, bus stops or car seats & ready for fall being prepared fast!

Oh, it doesn’t hurt to get a bedtime routine down at least two weeks in advance of school starting. Mornings will be so much earlier. I’ve added a few of my favorite products to share with you in the hopes it makes your mornings a little easier in your house. Yes these are some great buys!

Now back to school tips for everyone:

Girls Hair Tips:

  • Wash & quickly comb out the girls hair the night before!
  • Use a detangler to make hair tangle free for the little ones longer hair
  • Learn how to braid hair
  • Blow dry & braid hair
  • ouch-less hairbands
  • In the mornings either spruce it up or untie & lightly brush for beachy waves. Add a hair clip or two at the sides.
  • If old enough help get breakfast for younger siblings

Boys: You got it easy Tips:

  • Wash & dry the night before
  • Style with a little pomade to spike it up or hold hair in place
  • If old enough help pack lunches into backpacks

Teen tips:

  • Talk to mom about best time to get ready if sharing a bathroom
  • Blow dry hair & style it
  • Set a schedule, yes that can be broken or flexible as needed
  • Have all your work ready to go the night before!  & help check that younger siblings have done the same
  • Help all the younger kids have backpacks ready to go & set them by the door.
  • Double check for lunches to be in them
  • Your mom will love you for the help & when you ask for $ she might just say yes

Mom Tips:

  • Pack lunches night before, take turns having an older child help you
  • Get up earlier than the kids
  • Have your cup of coffee or tea & quite wake up time
  • Work out or not, Shower & get ready before they get up!
  • Blow dry & straighten your hair
  • Apply makeup for the day
  • Whether you go to work or work at home it will really help you get things done & feel more productive. Not to mention be ready for anyone that calls or drops by later on.

Dads Tips:

  • Make sure when drop off/ pick up times are or it’s your turn to drive to lessons
  • Pre-make coffee for you & the Mrs. the night before
  • If you need something washed & ironed for a meeting don’t wait until the last minute
  • Have all your work ready the night before & set to go
  • Help with the routines & read a story to the kids at bedtime to settle little ones in

Favorite get ready quick items:


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Just by doing a few of these things you can cut the time you need to get ready or are scrambling in the morning! I promise to share a few more tricks we’ve used in our house.

Got some back to school tips to share with me? I’d love to hear it! Leave me it in the comments!

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