#Free Unlimited #Digital #Cards! All Day Today Only! New & Old Customers

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Everyone loves a birthday and who doesn’t love free!? This offer is too good to be true but, it’s true! FREE!! Yes,  can create and send as many digital cards as you want for 24 hours. Customers are able to use the ‘schedule ahead feature. There is no promo code required. Ends at midnight Pacific Time on 4/2. This not an April fools Joke folks!

Unlimited Free Digital Cards from Treat – 24 hours only!

  • Available to new and existing customers
  • Customers can create and send as many digital cards as they want during this period; customers are able to use the ‘schedule ahead’ feature
  • There is no promo code.  All digital cards will be priced at $0

Treat digital cards

Do I need to say more? I think not! Go make some free cards and schedule them even if it’s only for a few select special people on your list. Why? Because it’s free folks! And Unlimited. Now, there’s Audrey, Angie, Andre, Ben, Barbara, Cathy, Carrie……….Well, you get the idea. My family is huge, this is huge! What a savings who says the best things in life aren’t free?

Unlimited Free Digital Cards from Treat - 24 hours only!

Go grab your Free Digital Cards from Treat!!  Enjoy this birthday celebration with Treat!

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Free Diabetic Sweets & Treats Guide #Free #Recipes

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My daughter’s best friend is diabetic. Technology has come a long way and monitoring the problem has become easier but, with that said it’s important to have some insider tips and recipes to keep things in check. Today you can get at no cost or obligation a Free Diabetic Sweets & Treats Guide! This is great for us too and I grabbed one. That way when my daughter’s best friend comes over I can offer her guilt free desserts, that are low carb. Hey, the recipes may even be better for us in the long run too. So it’s a win / win for any family!

Why don’t you take advantage of the free offer and grab yours today!

Inside Diabetic Sweets & Treats you’ll find many of our best diabetic dessert recipes created by diabetics for diabetics. They’re low in carbohydrates so they can easily fit your healthy meal plan. Enjoy indulgent, guilt-free desserts like …

-No-Bake Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
-Cherry Coconut Macaroons
-Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Plus, their exclusive guide is packed with healthy, ready-to-eat snack ideas that will keep you satisfied and cut carbs too.

I hope you enjoy your copy of  FREE Diabetic Sweets & Treats Guide  as much as we do!!

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The Belly Button Band Free OFFERS!

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The great thing about having a baby today are the new things that make things a bit easier for new moms. And there is so much more support than when I had my kids! Even 11 years has made a huge difference, that’s how old my youngest is. Today I am excited to share an offer that really helps new moms after pregnancy. The Belly Band and how you can get one for free. See all the details below but, take the code ENBABY with you to get your savings! 

No more maternity pants! Belly Button Band products button into your pre-pregnancy pants to adjust to your expanding belly and keep them secure.

  • Wear your favorite jeans all throughout your pregnancy and for the in-between sizes after pregnancy with Belly Button Band!

  • They want to give you a promo code for 2 FREE Belly Button Bands or 1 FREE Belly Button Body ($40 Value) today!
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  • Enter the promo code “ENBABY” and 100% of your product purchase ($40 Value) will be deducted! – all you pay are the SP&S fees!

Remember: the promo code is “ENBABY” and you can use it more than once just open a new browser window each time you do. 

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#Free Lipton Natural Energy Tea Sample! #FreeSamples

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I don’t know about you but, this time change has got me beat! There is nothing like getting up an hour earlier than your used to and still doing all you have to do in a day. That’s when I am reaching for my afternoon iced tea. From the time change through summer I just seem to need that afternoon boost! Do you have a favorite tea? Energy booster? I sure do and today you can grab a sample for free! If you are a regular coffee, tea or ice tea drinker like me, this free sample is perfect for you! Unlock the Natural Energy with New Lipton Natural Energy! 

New Lipton Natural Energy Free Sample

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TurboTax – #Free Federal File #Taxes

Nobody likes to think about taxes! As a matter of fact the Mr. was just talking to me about getting all mine together. TurboTax offers a free way to file your Federal taxes! Take advantage and see all the details below! Just add this to one of the many free and savings offered being shared right now on the site! Be sure to subscribe to grab all your savings and not miss out on what’s coming next!

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With TurboTax you’ll get your biggest tax refund guaranteed, with 100% accurate calculations and free help and step by step guidance so you are confident your taxes are done right.

TurboTax Federal Free Edition
• #1 Rated, Best-Selling tax software brand year after year
• FREE preparation, FREE printing, FREE efiling for your simple tax return (when referring to TurboTax Federal Free Edition)
• Easily get your biggest tax refund possible, guaranteed*
• Free Audit Support Center and live online help
• Guides you like a GPS through your simple tax return(when referring to TurboTax Federal Free Edition)

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