Simply Sweet Easy Dinner Recipes Round-Up

Sunday is the one day of the week we love to cook dinners early after all our activities then spend time together at the table. Then get an early start for the new week, lining up scheduling, school activities & who has what going on.  What really makes our dinners Simply Sweet are the recipes I find from around the web & try! I like to keep my cooking pretty simple & experiment more with baking. What about you? What type of recipes do you like to try? Sometimes I save crock-pot recipes so the cooking can be had while we do other things.

Really it doesn’t have to be Sunday to find a recipe or cook a great meal, or even find the time to sit down together. It just takes a little planning. I look for easy but, delicious recipes to cook all week long. When I find them I bookmark them using my favorite free tool Ziplist & plan my weekly menu’s & even shopping lists on there. I’ll have to grab the plugin to share my recipes right here with you, but in the mean time I am sharing recipe round-ups that will be Simply Sweet Recipes for your recipe box.

Simply Sweet Recipes: 

restaurant style chicken tacos


Restaurant Style Chicken Tacos

Lilluna shares her recipe for how she cooks up this chicken in the crock-pot on low all day & make up some restaurant style chicken tacos. Some days there is nothin’ better than planning ahead some activities & before you head out dropping your dinner in a crock-pot. Of course you could have all the fixings ready so all you have to do is cook up your shells, top those tacos & have a great meal!

classic cobb salad recipe, classic cobb salad


Classic Cobb Salad

With spring here salads are coming into the forefront & so easy to put together to make a meal. Visit your local farmers market, vegetable stand or organic food store grabbing your fresh produce & make up a salad like this classic cobb salad recipe from Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom


crunchy pork tacos

Crunchy Shredded Pork Tacos

Every now & then I love to switch up the original chicken & beef tacos with pork & this recipe is on my must try list! Crunchy shredded pork tacos from Eatcakefordinner.

What is your favorite Sunday dinner?
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Wrap Up Your Weeknight Meals With These Easy Wrap Recipes

Do you ever feel like you just need simple recipes? Recipes that are easy to put together the family can enjoy on a weeknight or weekend. For me Monday’s are the hardest day of the week & I am always looking for an easy recipe & easy wrap recipes. I love making  easy recipes to wrap up to take with you to work, for for kids lunches or maybe even a picnic this spring or summer. Or day’s like today, Monday’s when my plate is full & time is short! When looking for some new recipes to try I came across a few easy wrap recipes that caught my attention & looked liked they would fit all those check boxes & be great to try! Here  is a few totally different wrap recipes.

When I visited Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin & she shared how easy it is to make a chicken wrap. You know they are hot right now with a certain fast food restaurant she names serving them up new to their menu. I agree why not just kick it up a notch & make your own. You’ll probably save yourself some money by feeding your whole family this easy to do for any evening or weekend meal!
Rosemary Garlic Chicken Wrap
Doesn’t it look delicious? Here is where you can find the recipe Rosemary Garlic Chicken Wrap but, don’t head out too quickly. You know this is one of those recipes you can switch up if you are vegetarian by using a Boca meatless product in your wrap.(coupon below) Or lighten it up by using Weight Watchers Chicken Breasts. You even might like to try making a wrap with barbecued meat. Another wrap recipe I found was a Chicken Fajita Recipe from Cook Clean Craft. Italian Chicken Wrap Recipe and although this wrap calls for ground chicken I would substitute it with chicken breast Chicken Pesto Wrap both from A Taste of  Home. I can’t wait to try them all this spring-summer & hope you enjoy them too. You’ll be wrapping up the dinner making in a flash & off to all the other things you need to do! Be sure to gather up all the coupons you need while your here to make your easy week night or weekend meals! If you don’t see any of the ones you’d like be sure to check out the coupon page to click & print until your hearts desire! Now, that’s a wrap up for tonight’s or any weeknight meal with these Easy Wrap Recipes! 

What days of the week do you need easy recipes for?

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$1.00 off any 1 LLOYD'S Barbeque product
$1.00 off 2 HORMEL NATURAL CHOICE products
$1.00 off 2 HORMEL Pepperoni packages
$3.00 off one HORMEL Party Tray product
$1.00 off one Campbell's Go Soup
$1.00 off any two (2) Litehouse Products
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Lick Smacking Chocolate Loving Brownie & Bars #Recipes

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet! & Chocolate Loving Sweet is what I found! Brownies & Bars recipes, then I didn’t stop at just one! How could you, you say! Easy I just stumbled across these chocolate dessert recipes & had to share them. I mean would you share the recipes if you had them, right? ( I accept a variety of samples and/or compensation for links, posts, and other campaigns visit site-wide disclosure policy for full details. ) These might be the perfect desserts to make for this weekend for Mother’s Day or just because your needing a little lick smacking chocolate loving fix that is lick smacking good! Now just to make them & pass them over to you! If it was only that simple. Here’s the recipes for your recipe box:

Toffee bits cookie dough brownies

 Toffee Bits Cookie Dough Brownies

My favorite desserts include chocolate. Sometimes you just have to bake a recipe that the whole family will love. More times than not, chocolate is the winning recipe to even suit those picky pallets.

almond joy brownies

Almond Joy Brownies

What kinds of chocolate recipes have you reaching for another piece? Brownies are usually the ones that are flying off the plate at family gatherings around here.

sea salted caramel brownies

Sea Salted Caramel Brownies

Sometimes an easy recipe like the one above is perfect for the last minute chocolate fix & then sometimes you just might want to stretch your chocolate choices by trying a recipe like these KitKat cheesecake bars. How did you know I was saving the best brownie recipe ever for last?

kit kat cheesecake bars

Kit Kat Cheesecake Bars

Technically these aren’t a brownie they are a bar, but eh! Do you really care right now? Now you can either eat your reduced fat yogurt or get baking! Don’t forget to grab some coupons right here or on the coupons page to help you get more for your money when shopping.

What is your favorite chocolate recipe to make?

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Home Cooking Spring #Recipes Sunday or Any-day With Lemon

Sunday’s in our home means cooking up a family meal. I thought I would share some great recipes I came a cross that I want to try { with lemon} & maybe you will too perfect for spring & with lemon. If not for this Sunday maybe soon! I hope you get the chance to try these recipes any day of the week you have time for cooking.

First up a delicious Sweet Lemon Glazed Drumsticks Recipe from The Recipe Girl Cookbook. Gone are the days of a Sunday fried chicken dinner with being more health conscious. Yes, it may include a few things that you don’t want to use every day, but it is a baked & delicious way to serve up your chicken! Do you use Ziplist? Ziplist is free if you haven’t used it & a great way to save all your favorite recipes! {Save to Ziplist}

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest


Toss in a plate of lemon green beans & see if you can blow on a harmonica with all this lemon goodness! You can find this Lemon Butter Green Bean Recipe at LaLoosh {Save to ZipList}


Sunday dinners are the splurge day for our house. The last day of the weekend & sometimes a dessert fitting  end & send off into the new week. With spring here lemon is all the rage in my home. Topping it off with a lemon meringue pie like this would be amazing. Yes, I’ll be baking this soon & can’t wait to share how it turns out. Now if you want to beat me to the kitchen you can grab Grandma’s Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe right from AllRecipes {Save to Ziplist} I can’t wait to share some more recipes with you soon!

What does your favorite Sunday meal include?

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I don’t know about you,  although I enjoy cooking I also like new recipe ideas to help me out & savings! How great would it be able to have access to free product samples, savings & the hottest recipe ideas? That is where Pillsbury comes in with their Not-So-Secret-Club, it’s simple & free! Great ideas for everyday & for parties! That is what you’ll find when you;

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simplysweetsavings todays savings

What is your favorite thing to make with Pillsbury dough? 


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