Vistaprint – Back To School 50% Off! – Multi-Product Offer

Now is the best time to grab your mommy calling cards or stock up on some personalized back to school products from Vistaprint as they are having a big sale! 50% off Back-to-School products! Even if school has started for your kids you may find some things to add to their supplies at a great savings. I know I can for my new middle schooler. From key chains, calendars, notebooks, sticky notes, pocket calendars, tee shirts, hats & more,  you name it!

For me I love meeting new mom’s, teachers & others, it’s no better time to grab a new calling card to pass out. Talk about being easy, having them to pass out as needed.  I love getting other peoples cards too. I just write on the back of them who their child is or something to help me remember them.  I just keep them handy & of course then if I get to know them better slip the numbers in my cell phone. Calling cards are great!

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Back to school savings of 50% off custom t-shirts, note cards, tote bags, stamps, wall calendars, and premium business cards until Friday, plus 25% off sitewide!

  • Personalize a set of note cards to use as study cards or notes to teachers, t-shirts for their after-school sports team, totes for their new books, and labels to mark all of their new notebooks and supplies.
  • If you’re looking for something for your younger kids who aren’t going to school yet, create magnetic puzzles on car door magnets that you can cut up for them to piece back together.
  • Are you hoping to start the new year off on a good foot with their new teacher? Create a thoughtful personalized mug and fill it with goodies like hot chocolate, sweets, and classroom essentials.
  • If you’re looking to supply a classroom, customize stamps and labels with a basic grading rubric to make the process easier.
  • You can also design your own homework passes, bathroom passes, or playtime passes using premium business cards, or your own rulers for each student.

This week’s sale is the perfect time to get shopping underway, so get started now! Visit Vistaprint to grab your 50% off savings! 


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